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Decant, specialising in the wines of Europe, many of which we import exclusively, as well as a carefully selected range of Australasian wines, offers both the experienced and novice wine lover a chance to broaden their palate. With our help, we are confident this discovery need not be one fraught with disappointment and unpleasant experiences.

The secret to this is the combination of our experience (a combined total of over 50 years in the trade), knowledge and passion that enables us to provide you with the very best wines from around the world.

From everyday enjoyment through to the rare and revered, we offer the best value and best quality for your money.

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Upcoming Event

Winemakers Dinner

Who: Black Estate-Waipara and Elephant Hill - Hawkes Bay
Where: Edesia Restaurant, 12 Show Place , Addington
When: Thursday 27th March, 6.30pm
Cost: $150. per head – bookings essential, please phone 943 2144

Edesia is hosting local wine producer Black Estate, and welcomes Elephant Hill Winery from the Hawkes Bay, for a combined wine makers dinner. We look forward to pouring the signature wines from each region and contrasting wines in common. All this, matched with beautiful local cuisine. Please join us for a great evening of fine food and wine!

THURSDAY MARCH 27 : 6:30p : $150 / person
Bookings essential as places are limited. Please phone 943 2144.

Weekly Quiz

The weekly quiz – a teaser on all things alcohol related. The questions (and answers), of which there will be only one a week, have been set by one of the great masters of comic prose and best loved British writers of the twentieth century. I cannot elaborate more as I trust no one as far as Google goes, and it is for this very reason that there actually is no prize other than the self satisfaction you will find in knowing or discovering the answer.

By the way, no correspondence will be entered into.

Answers will follow the week after...

This week's question:

It is no secret that Irish Coffee is made with Irish Whiskey. Name the alcoholic bases to the following:

a) Caribbean Coffee
b) Italian Coffee
c) Monk's Coffee
d) Prince Charles's Coffee
e) Roman Coffee

Last week's QUESTION & ANSWER:

Q. Give the derivation of the word 'whisky'.

A. From Irish and Scottish Gaelic “uisge beatha,” lit. ”water of life” (cf. eau de vie, aquavit). Later usquebaugh, whisky-bae. The modern form is not recorderd until 1746.

Weekly Specials : 20 MArch 2014

Hello from Decant,

Aanother 'one wine' email this week, another unbelievable deal - Vintage Champers for under $40. - who would have thought?.........


Normally $55
(which even at that price is a steal for Vintage Champagne)

We have been offered this one-off deal due to the importer's end of financial year clearance. This price is valid only till end of March, (unless we run out before that).

Produced by the Castellane Group who make the Laurent Perrier Champagnes, this has a pedigree that means it can definitely be compared quality-wise with the 'big boys' – and they all sell for a lot more than this!

4 1/2 Stars Cuisine and 'Best Buy', 18/20 Raymond Chan.
We forget sometimes that there are a lot of small growers who have their own champagne labels in the region. It is certainly worth trying these individual champagnes as they offer tremendous complexity for the price - (basically they don't spend vast sums on brand building) so you get real bang for your buck.

The house Beaumet has been set up since 1878 and now operates from offices and cellars in the beautiful Malakoff park, which has been lain in the centre of Epernay. Here their cellars are 30 meters deep underground and extend for 5 kms. They have more than 60 hectres of land in the best regions of champagne.

"A bargain vintage champagne, priced below most non-vintage versions....Gingernut, citrus and attactive mealy aromas are a subtle intrioduction and the palate light bu well balanced and structured." Cuisine.