Anne gros Richebourg Grand Cru 2012



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Anne Gros makes a lovely Richebourg and the 2012 edtion is certainly no exception. The bouquet is intensely crammed with red and darkberry fruit – notes of raspberries, red and black currant spized with violets, a earthy minerality and a moderate impression of oak. The nose is quite intense yet it has a lovely airy feel. On the palate rich almost velvet fruit … concentrated but still lightfooted and refined. The finish is long and coated with silky fruit … until the minerality of the mighty Richebourg terroir kicks in at the end. Love the delicate balance between the velvet refinement of the fruit and the muscular minerality of the terroir. A gorgeous Richebourg from Anne Gros – Outstanding – (95 – 96p) - 

Always one of the most exciting addresses in Burgundy, Anne Gros stands out on her own stylistically, walking that fine line between power, size, and finesse. In the late 1980’s Domaine François Gros was going downhill. Due to illness quality suffered badly and most of the wine was sold off in bulk. It was under these circumstances that Anne Gros took on the family domaine. Anne has the smallest piece of the famous Gros family’s Cote d’Or holdings, when she succeeded her father in 1988 the domaine covered three hectares. Since then it has grown to cover 6.5 hectares, with an en metayage agreement on a Vosne village lieu-dit, and her own plantings up on the Hautes-Cotes as well the return in 2007 of .076 hectrares of Grand Cru Echezeaux, all located in the lieu-dit of Les Loachausses, after a 25 year lease to Domaine Gros Frère et Sœur. Today few would disagree that Anne is probably the most highly regarded branch of the Gros family at the moment, and she has created that reputation from sheer hard work and talent.

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