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Bonne Maman has become, over the years, the unrivalled market leader in France and the number one imported brand in many countries. Crafted in the village of Briars, Bonne Maman conserves are made with only the most perfect fruit, which ripen over time to develop their natural sweetness and juiciness. And with 50% minimum fruit content, no added colourings, preservatives or artificial flavourings, the Bonne Maman conserves are the healthier alternative. They are packed in a stylish French glass jar, with a red and white gingham lid and its distinctive hand written label which makes them the most sought after conserves.

Bonne Maman selects only fruits that score high on all above criteria

• Intensely flavoured and rich in natural fruit sugars
• Selected fruit, sugar, a little pectin and lemon juice are gently mixed together and slowly cooked
• Packed in the famous facetted jars, topped with the instantly recognizable red and white gingham
   lid and the distinctive "handwritten" label
• Symbol of the French "art de vivre" and its traditional culinary values

Bonne Maman makes conserves, not jam Conserves are made from cooking whole fruits. Each of Bonne Maman's recipes in its 14 flavours of conserves ensures that pieces of fruit are present in each jar. Conserves feature a fuller fruit flavour compared to jams. Jellies are made from only the juices of fruits. Jellies offer a uniform texture, are clear, and firm compared to conserves and jams. Bonne Maman produces an assortment of 4 jelly flavours. Jams are made from crushed fruit and fruit puree, not whole fruit. Bonne Maman does not make jams.

370g range

Apricot  Strawberry  Peach  Cherry Raspberry  Chestnut  Four Fruits  Orange  Marmalade  Blueberry  Fig
Blackberry  Fruits of the Forest
Quince jelly  Redcurrant jelly

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