Barbeito Rainwater Madeira Reserva



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This wine was naturally aged in casks and bottled in its purest state. To show it at its best serve between 11oC/12oC and should be kept in a cool dry place. This wine was filtered and does not require decanting. It was bottled ready for drinking and will keep well several months after opening.


Light golden colour Aromatic nose with notes of dried fruit some crystallized fruit. Full, round with an extreme softness. Long and mineral fresh finish.
Excellent as an aperitif, with salted nuts, olives, tapas, consommé and cheese.

The Latin word Aeris translates as “Air”.  It is this wine's contact with air that gives it its characteristic flavour and this wine is North Canterbury Pinot Gris at its most complex, thanks to winemaker Guy Porter.

His inspiration is the great nutty dry whites of the Jura, which is possibly France's most unknown wine region.

This wine was fermented to dryness in old oak barrels then aged under a veil of flor yeast for four years. Aeris is unfortified but has a final alcoholic strength of 17.5% achieved through evaporation in cask.

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