Amuri Black Truffle salt - 45 grams



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Even the best recipes get better with a shake or two of Black Truffle Sea Salt. Impress your friends and family with the distinctive flavor of Italian black truffles, expertly blended with naturally pure sea salt. Black Truffle Sea Salt gives an epicurean sophistication to your risotto, pomme frites and scrambled eggs. 

The Amuri Truffiere was planted in 1997 and started producing truffles in 2004.

The Truffiere is managed by Gavin and Anne Hulley and the ever important truffle dog Sophie.

At Amuri Truffiere we believe it is this ideal combination of lime rich Rendzina soils and the warm dry climate of North Canterbury that results in the quality of our truffles being as good as those grown in France.

The truffle season typically runs until  mid August, sometimes stretching into September. 

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