Aydie 'Ode d'Aydie 2015 Madiran



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Madiran has been in the headlines in recent years due to the health benefits associated with the high levels of antioxidants in the Tannat grape. Despite this recent press, the wines of Madiran are still relatively undiscovered and offer amazing value. Chateau d’Aydie and the Laplace family are widely regarded as one of the foremost quality producers of Madiran.

Frédéric Laplace a real pioneer was first to bottle Madiran wines and sell them under his own name when the appellation was created in 1948 – this when there was just 50 hectares of vineyard under production, compared to the 1650 hectares today.
The whole venture is very much a family affair – the three grandsons and granddaughter of Frédéric run the estate between them – Francois in charge of the business side; Jean-Luc is in charge of wine-making; Bernard manages the vines; and Marie presides over the office, whilst their father Pierre is in semi-retirement but still very much involved

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