Bodegas Godelia Viernes Mencia 2014



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What do you get when you combine some of Spain’s most beautiful countryside, a fascinating set of native grape varietals, generations of Galician winemaking expertise, and a thoroughly 21st century approach to sustainability, expression and taste? The answer would be something like Godelia Mencia. This winery is situated in El Bierzo, a stunning part of Spain once famed for its gold mines, and now home to many of the country’s finest vineyards, thanks to its mineral rich soils and ideal temperate climatic conditions. Godelia Mencia is also on the path of one of Europe’s most famous religious pilgrimages: Camino de Santiago. While plenty of pilgrims stop off at the winery while they’re on their long walk to Santiago, you don’t have to be a believer to recognise that the wines produced here are really something rather special. The winery is an old one, and has been passed down through the same set of families for generations, and while Godelia’s current owners use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to get the very best from their fruit, the traditional heart of the business shines through. Today, it covers 35 hectares, and specialises in native Galician grapes such as Mencia - a grape only grown in El Bierzo - which produce wines of remarkable character and finesse. The Mencia grape is a relatively unknown varietal outside of its homeland in Galicia, and in parts of Portugal. It’s a remarkable red grape, capable of producing wines which are highly age-worthy thanks to its relatively full bodied and tannic character. Fruity, floral, peppery and extremely aromatic, it’s a really fascinating grape which tends to present flavours of sour cherry, and red fruits like pomegranate.

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