Briottet Poire William 'Eau de Vie' 700mls



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If kirsch is the oldest fruit brandy, eau-de-vie de poire, produced from the William pear variety, is the most recent but also the most popular nowadays. Its subtle granular texture and its powerful yet mellow bouquet have conquered connoisseurs throughout the world. Matured in stoneware or glass containers, its aroma is particularly fine and delicate. William pears love the rich and colourful "terroirs? that match its warm character. They appreciate the fertile alluvial deposits of the Rh?ne Valley, the peaceful countryside around Angers or the contrasts of the South West. They ripen on the tree before being picked as they reach full maturity when they are at their juiciest. Since they are very fragile they are carefully picked and taken to the distillers casks. Served chilled (6 - 8 ?), in an iced glass, eau-de-vie de Poire William expresses the wealth of its original land with talent and releases the taste of the fruit with its delicate hues.

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