Castello di Verduno 'Basadone' Pelaverga 2018



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A unique varietal wine, only in Piedmont. According to the estate: "Only the beauty of a wild poppy manages to convey the fine complexity and harmonious characteristics of our Basadone. This rare wine gem is made from the Pelaverga Piccolo variety grown on vineyards located in the Massara and Olmi areas of the village of Verduno. This singular native vine has been grown in the Verduno area since the 1600s. Believing in its potential, Castello di Verduno were the first to plant a vineyard dedicated to the variety in 1972: Basadone, a local name for the 'wild poppy.' In the local dialect, basadone can also be understood as meaning 'kissing women,' and just like a kiss this ruby red wine - an aphrodisiac according to popular tradition - reawakens desires with its spicy overtones and delicate, lingering taste."

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