The Boneline Sauvignon Blanc 2018



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Lofty aromas of passionfruit sherbet and sweet florals. Asian herbs like lemongrass and Thai basil add a savoury backdrop. Dry river bed and salt crust provide further earthy complexity. Full and juicy in the mouth – ripe tropical fruit richness flows through to a textured and cleansing granny smith finish, with stain like persistence. Fingers of flavour to discover…

This year’s approach was all about layering — starting mid-March with a fresh and punchy parcel from our top terrace — processed and fermented in a way to preserve the delicate yet intense aromatics. Three weeks later and with a classic Sauvignon blanc parcel in the bank we picked the balance of our top terrace, now lush and floral. We really tried to capture the mouth filling richness in this parcel, along with retaining some natural sweetness to provide balance.

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