Fords London Dry Gin



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Perhaps the only gin I have ever come across that lists all their ingredients on the information sheet and especially the exact proportions ( fascinating read for gin freaks) other details ( found on the bottle itself ) are that the ingredients are steeped for 15 hours and then distilled for 5 hours in a 500  liter ( roughly 100 gallon) copper still using an English wheat base spirit.

First Impression: More aromatic  and herbal with a nice floral and citrus background. This is very much NOT your typical London Dry Gin. While it does have juniper and coriander that are the hallmarks of any London Dry type of gin it is a bit more balanced than most with a nice subtlety to the blending giving you a very harmonious gin.

Taste: The gin flows in with an oily body, with spice and citrus juniper starting a parade with juniper and the other spices following on closely and leaving a pleasantly bitter drying long finish. A good solid gin profile, juniper, coriander, back stopped by lemon, bitter orange, grapefruit,  grounded by angelica, cassia and orris root, with a lightness imparted by scents of jasmine.

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