Greystone Vineyard Ferment Pinot Noir 2017



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“We’ve been experimenting with large-scale vineyard fermentations since 2012. The goal is to make a wine that is truly expressive of its origin as well as being reflective of the vintage,” said Dom Maxwell, winemaker at Greystone Wines.

“We know that once grapes come off the vine and into the winery, they’re exposed to a new yeast population cultured from within the winery. We wanted to eliminate the exposure to foreign yeast and ensure only native yeasts from our vineyard are involved with the fermentation.”

“Along with capturing the wild yeasts in situ, the 2016 Vineyard Ferment Pinot Noir also reflects how the vagaries of the season’s weather affects the wine. The fermentation vessels are exposed to the weather elements rather than having the protection of a temperature controlled winery building. So in effect we are extending the vintage influence rather than it stopping the moment the grapes enter the cellar.In addition we have seen lower alcohol percents than in the corresponding cellar ferments, regardless of the vintage.”

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