Marco de Bartoli Pietranera 2018



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Different roots: Pietranera

It was 1989. This was the first time that such an aromatic, mineral grape variety as Zibibbo could express itself in a dry wine. An innovative wine for Pantelleria, compared to the typical sweet production.

100% Zibibbo
2,500 vines per hectare, first planted in 1957 on the volcanic, terraced slopes in Contrada Cufurà, Pantelleria, as low, free-standing bushes trained with the “vite ad alberello” system, declared by the UNESCO World Heritage agricultural practice on November 26th 2014. The yields are of 5 tons per hectare, picked in the first week of September. After a rigorous manual selection of the clusters, they are gently pressed and macerated at controlled temperature for approximately 24 hours. After the soft pressing, the must decants at low temperature for 48 hours. The limpid run starts fermenting, with wild yeasts, always at controlled temperature, in stainless steel tanks. 6 months in stainless steel

Pantelleria. A pioneer in a foreign land
Pantelleria’s nature is as complex as Marco’s was. But he managed, in that wonderfully challenging terroir, to be the first to imagine that Zibibbo grapes could also successfully be vinified as a dry wine. Pietranera’s grapes are grown in the north-facing vineyards of Contrada Cufurà and Contrada Ghirlanda, and produce a dry wine with enviable mineral notes that are aromatic, intense and complex.

Pietranera: How and When.
To combine with crustaceans, fish tartares, oysters, raw fish. Serve at 12-14 °C (54-57 °F)

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