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The ancient roots: Vecchio Samperi
To make Vecchio Samperi, the De Bartolis use the ancient perpetuum aging method (similar to Solera system)  that, through the addition of some new, young wine to wines that are already being aged in barrels, allows to create a harmonious blend of different vintages, with a unique and inimitable taste.

100% Grillo
3,500 Grillo vines per hectare, planted between 1970 and 1996 in C.da Samperi, Marsala, in mostly limestone, level land, with sandy loam soil. The vines are trained with the ‘alberello’ or Guyot system. The yields are of 4 tons per hectare, harvested in the last week of September. The grapes are picked and selected by hand, soft pressed, naturally decanted, and traditionally fermented with wild yeasts at room temperature, in oak and chestnut barrels.

The original root to promote the concept of ‘terroir’
Marco De Bartoli named his first wine Vecchio Samperi in honour of Contrada Samperi, on the outskirts of Marsala, whose arid land, rich in limestone and minerals, is so well suited to vine growing. This was the starting point to develop and communicate his concept of ‘terroir’.

Vecchio Samperi: How and When.
Don’t wait til the end of the meal to serve Vecchio Samperi, but drink it with aged cheeses, braised meats, oven-baked turbot.
At room temperature or slightly chilled, interesting and amazing as an aperitif

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