Mas blanc Banyuls 'Cuvée Parcé' 375mls



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This Banyuls is a compilation of several years' wines. In order to create a Banyuls situated between primary aromas -fruit- and secondary aromas -maturing-, the " cuvee du docteur parcé" was created in 1998 to educate young customers to appreciate the specific aromas of old Banyuls wines. Three different years are mixed together 2/3 of the resulting mixture is bottled. The remaining third is used as a base for the next cuvée and has three new years added to it. So, we taste the aim of youth, the beginnings of maturity and certitudes taking form.

Suggested Food Match:
Foie Gras, or Chocolate

Tasting Notes:
Reddish brown in colour, bouquet of prunes and jam. Suave, sweet but with character.

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