Massenez 'Prisonniere' Calvados



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This bottle is actually attached to the apple tree in flower... so the fruit develops inside the bottle. When it ripens, the fruit and the bottle are carefully detached. Then the bottles are cleaned and filled with Calvados. Long years of maceration gently blend the flavors of the apple and the spirit. Intense gold... and more and more amber with maceration. Very fruity: at first, very fresh fruity notes, quickly followed by the aromas of cooked fruits. The union of the fruit added with its Eau-de-Vie gives such aromas. Reminiscent of the intensity of cider aromas, with smooth, classic apple-brandy flavors. Serve it over ice or neat, chilled, either after a meal or between courses, as is the custom in Normandy. Also delicious in cocktails or in some recipes based on cooked apples (baked apples, apple tart)... or also with Camembert cheese!.

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