Monmousseau 'JM' Brut



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In 1886 , Alcide Monmousseau founded the Monmousseau House in one of the largest chalky rock quarries, the stone of the area.
This quarry, abandoned after it had been quarried for building the Loire Chateaux, offered him the finest cellars for wine making which a wine connoisseur could dream about: 15 km of underground cellars, sound with hardly varying temperatures of 12degrees, summer and winter. Besides the humidity inside is ideal for making and storing wines.
Later in the 20th century, Justin Marcel set up the Dom Perignon method in Touraine and put his Grands fully sparkling wines on the market which, supported by their reputation, were first distributed in the United States and then in Europe. It was a huge success, and the beginning of the great long-lasting success story for the house.

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