Mourgues du Gres 'Galets Rouge' Costieres de Nimes



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It seems amazing that Costieres de Nimes Appellation which is literally on the opposite bank of the Rhone to Chateauneuf-du-Pape has gone unnoticed for so long. Particularly since there is a close similarity in soil types and climate. However, people seem more inclined to visit the wonderful Roman ruins at Nimes, Arles and the Pont du Gard than pay much attention to the wines. This is their loss, as astute buyers are discovering.

Mourgues du Gres is a 30 hectare Domaine situated on stoney terraces of “galets” and “gres” near to the town of Beaucaire. It is run by Francois Collard, brother-in-law of Jean-Benoit Cavalier at Chateau Lascaux (Pic St Loup), which undoubtedly explains the similar philosophies and quality. He employs an organic and biodynamic approach which is aided by the cleansing effect of the Mistral wind. The motto of Mourges du Gres sums their wines up perfectly. "Sine, Sole, Nihil" - Latin for "Nothing without the Sun".

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