Pasquet VSOP Cognac - Organic 07



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White flowers, fruit, and spices abound, along with the structure of oak wood, grapefruit, pears, and a delightful hint of pepper as it rolls into a satisfying finish.  An all round great VSOP cognac.

History: Since 1730, the vineyard was passed on directly or indirectly by family links and so in 1971, Jean-Luc inherits from the domain of his uncle - the famous Uncle Albert whose name will be attributed to the oldest cognac of the range. Today he has to transmit too these heritage and his know how to his son Jean.

Since 1995, the family runs its 7 hectares of vineyards according to the rules of the Organic farming, without chemical of synthesis products. Their philosophy is strengthening the natural defences of the vineyard by the use of products with copper and with sulphur as well as various manures of plants (manure of stinging nettle, horsetail, etc.).

After the harvest, the clusters are directly pressed and the juice is put in tank for the fermentation. It is with yeasts, said "endogenous", in other words, yeasts which are naturally on grapes, that is made the fermentation of their wines. The use of natural yeasts and the absence of sulphite strengthens the guarantee of a real soil's product.

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