Surveyor Thomson Pinot Noir 2019 Central Otago



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Back in 2000 and despite being tempted to plant some whites, David Hall-Jones and his wife have decided to follow the example set by the Burgundians: to grow the grape that is best suited for the land.
For them, that is Pinot Noir. 14 hectares are planted in a mixture of old and new clones.
The soft and undulating terraces are elevated off the valley floor (again following the example of many of the grand crus in Burgundy). This offers frost protection and ensures that the soils are free-draining. The terraces are slightly sloping and are all oriented towards the north-east. This ensures that the soils receive good sun, both in the morning and throughout the day. The terraces in the vicinity of Clarks Road have always been known for their warm microclimate - a determined defence against frost.

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