Tanqueray 'Rangphur' Gin



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So many people assume that Tanqueray Rangpur is a lime-flavoured gin, such a song and dance did Tanqueray make of the fruit when it first launched. It’s a lime featuring gin, sure, but lime doesn’t lead the sole charge here.

Rangpur is a Bengali word, though the limes are fairly prolific across the world. They’re called Canton lemons in South China, hime lemons in Japan, cravo lemons in Brazil and mandarin-limes in the United States. They’re not like other limes in that they combine various citrus elements to hone their own distinct personality. They’re zesty and acidic, but hugely juicier.

When distilled by the Tanqueray team alongside a blend of other classic gin botanicals, the resulting spirit is crisp and punchy, with a sharp citrus edge.

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