Villefranche Sauternes 2017 375mls



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Chateau Villefranche is recognised as one of the oldest wine estates in the Sauternes region. It has been in the family since the mid XVII century and is catalogued in the archives of Editions Feret since 1840 wine experts. Located near the Ciron stream, the estate extends over to the Haut-Barsac plateau with its rich variety predominately argilo-calcareous soil types. The grape vareties used to produce our white wines include the regions three major white grape varieties which produce delicate and fine wine notes of vanilla and nutmeg. The white wines combine elegance with nervousness in a subtle balance. Owing to their delicate and nuanced bouquet, the red wines often leave a favourable impression at wine tasting events (Hachette guides for example). Round, supple and with excellent structure, they offer a smooth finish highlighted by expressive aromas or red berries

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