Lapierre Raisons Gaulois 2020



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This cuvee takes the Vin de France appellation, because the Beaujolais’ governing body decided to do away with the Vin de Pays designation in Beaujolais, leaving only the appellations and Vin de France. The wine is still almost all from the cru of Morgon, with a little bit of A.O.C. Beaujolais as well.Bottled just after a winter settling (in screwcap, no less!), this wine is pure, unadulterated pleasure. If you've got a crowd (and two is a crowd in thise case), one bottle won't be enough.

“I recall many years ago when Marcel Lapierre pulled me aside and asked if I thought Kermit (Lynch) and our clients would like his new “petit vin.” When I asked him what it was, he told me, “It’s a wine... that you drink like a beer... when you don’t really want to drink a beer.” What’s not to like about that? To this day, I continue to follow his advice, buy it by the case, and drink it cold, out of a simple glass cup. Like a beer, sure, but much better.” –Chris Santini

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